The 2021 edition online … But why?

17 02 2021

Dear spectators,

Today we are pleased to announce that the 24th edition of the Festival will be maintained, in a 100% digital form with a live broadcast from the TV set installed at the Val d’Isère Congrès Center, which some of you know so well.

The dates of the Festival therefore remain the same, it will take place as planned from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 April 2021.

Despite the unstable situation and after a long reflection, we have decided to put everything in place for this online festival to take place. Indeed, 24 years ago our festival was organized to optimize the end-of-season offer by offering an exceptional cultural event for customers present in Val d’Isère. So the online festival is not fulfilling its primary vocation, but we are convinced that digital edition this year will allow us to substain the Festival in future and to get off to a better start next year.

We are also aware of our important place in maintaining cultural activity and preserving the showcase that our festival represents for our different audiences. It is our responsibility to perpetuate this ecosystem through this online festival, as a unique live projection from Val d’Isère.

Indeed, the wish of our team is to transpose the energy of a real cultural event into digital event where interaction with spectators, but also directors and partners is possible. The main objective is therefore to organize an exclusive online festival, transmitting its values ​​and energy to the screen. Its vocation is always to remain a showcase between those who make movies and the public who wish to discover them. It is also about preserving the ecosystem of festivals and adventure films. It is to offer a real cultural event, but in an exclusive way.

Today we invite you to visit our website from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 April. We hope you will be with us to discover great adventures together …