To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the Festival is offering a most memorable “off” program with exhibitions, events, encounters and original screenings, in a setting which, in turn, calls for adventure: the peaks of Val d’Isère.




Before night

with Marine BARNÉRIAS

Val d'Isère Cinéma theater

6:00 pm


86 min.

Attended by Marine Barnérias, director and star of the film and member of the jury for this 25th edition of the festival.  

Marine, a 21-year-old student, learns that she has multiple sclerosis, an incurable auto-immune disease. Following this shocking diagnosis, she decides to set off on a maiden voyage across three different countries: New Zealand, where she rediscovers her body, Burma, where she soothes her mind, and Mongolia, where she reconnects with her soul. Recounting her unforgettable experiences, Marine sets out to rediscover a hidden part of herself and come to terms with her sclerosis, which she nicknames Rosy.




Before night

with Sylvain Tesson

Val d'Isère Cinéma theater

9:00 pm


90 min.

Attended by Sylvain Tesson, star of the film and master of ceremonies for the edition of the festival.  

Attended by Sylvain Tesson, star of the film and master of ceremonies for the Festival.
In the heart of the Tibetan highlands, photographer Vincent Munier takes writer Sylvain Tesson with him on his quest for find snow panthers. He initiates him in the art of hiding, interpreting tracks and having the necessary patience to get a glimpse of these wild animals. While exploring the peaks inhabited by these hidden beasts, the two men talk about our place among other living beings and celebrate the beauty of the world.

ZANSKAR yesterday and today

Photos by Caroline Riegel - Centre de congrès

“The beauty of a glance, a landscape. Light from the sky, the snow. Caroline Riegel’s chiaroscuro images, inspired by the profound. Another world, away from the eight major concerns of modern society: pleasure and displeasure, success and failure, praise and criticism, fame and anonymity. The aim is not to have more, but to become better, be of more use to others, find peace in the simplicity of meditation.”

AMERICA, a continent full of colour

Photos by Sophie Planque

Cycling across the American continental divide, covering 29,000km over two years, through majestic and challenging landscapes such as the Brooks, Alaskans, Rockies, Sierra Madre and the formidable Andes.

Seeking out the soul of the continent, found in the people who live in the mountains, the minerals and sediments that can be found in these extreme environments. Our photos are an ode to the geography, details, terrain, our deep love of the planet. We wanted this extreme journey to show off our planet’s beautiful colours, that are all around and inside of us. Every pigment, every smile, every look inspires us and fills us with light. More than ever, we need these colours to warm our hearts. Come and admire this warmth in our exhibition dedicated to the Americas.

YUKON, a dream in white

Photos by Jérémie Villet

During his long, solo expeditions in faraway places, Jérémie uses snow like a painter uses a blank canvas, to reveal the purity of nature. Isolated from the rest of the world, his photography represents his inalienable right to dream. Discover the photos Jérémie took during his latest trip to Yukon in Northern Canada, searching for animals that have made the cold, white winter their home.

Jérémie Villet’s photos have won a number of prizes, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year and European Photographer of the Year, and have featured in various magazines.

Immersive adventure stories

Tuesday 19th April 2022 at 3:00 PM - Sign up for free at the Media Library

Take a seat, close your eyes and let yourself be swept away by this story of a voyage, told to music.


Age : Adults

WASTE AWARENESS WALK with Franck Bortolloti and Fabien Favre from the film “Un monde sous vide”

Wednesday 20th April 2022 at 10:00 AM - Sign up for free at the Tourist Office, at the latest the day before.

An educational stroll along the theme of the environment: mountain preservation and collecting, sorting and weighing rubbish. Led by a mountain guide and Fabien Favre from the film “Un monde sous vide” (A vacuum-packed world).

Open to all ages (children must be accompanied by a parent)


Make your own travel booklet

Thursday 21st April at 10:30 AM - Maison de Val - 1h30 - Sign up for free at the Media Library, at the latest the day before

A real or imaginary trip, one you’ve already been on or are simply dreaming of…

Cut out, stick, colour and draw your own travel booklet!

Feel free to bring along photos, pictures, postcards or anything else you might wish to include!

Open to ages 10 and over


Thursday 21st April 2022 at 2:00 PM - Pleine de la Daille - 2h - Sign up for free at the Tourist Office, at the latest the day before.

The protagonists of the film “Out of the blue”, Maja and Sebastian, give you a taste of acroyoga, slackline and spacenet. Come and relax in an idyllic part of Val d’Isère as you admire our guests’ acrobatic skills and try it out for yourself!

Open to all ages (children must be accompanied by a parent)

Please bring your own yoga mat, if possible.

ANIMAL WATCHING with Jérémie Villet from the film “Yukon, un rêve blanc”

Friday 22nd April 2022 at 2:00 PM - Meet at the Fornet cable car

Wardens from the Vanoise National Park take you out to watch the winter wildlife, accompanied by talented photographer Jérémie Villet, for an insight into his passion for animal photography.

Open to all ages (children must be accompanied by a parent